What To Expect

My approach is integrative. It recognises that irrespective of how old you are, or who you are, the way we feel, behave and think are all linked and unique to you, the individual. My approach draws upon body centred practice, as I believe that much trauma is stored in the body. If you agree, I would work with you (in a way that did not involve touch) to understand what messages your body is conveying to you about this. I also use creativity in the therapeutic process and so, if you feel comfortable, could use writing, drawing, music or even drama here. Using these techniques and approaches can help us understand how your experiences (past and present) and the feelings, thoughts and beliefs they have left you with are influencing how you behave today. You are then more equipped to make healthier choices - and in the longer term, lead a more authentic life where you are more true to yourself.

Key to the way I work is providing an environment that allows you to connect with your internal resources and in longer term work, other parts of yourself. Parts perhaps not recognised by you yet, but parts of you that are real and when found and integrated, will help you heal and grow.

All this happens within a boundaried, therapeutic environment where I would try very hard to ensure you experience compassion and understanding. Where you do not feel alone. Where you feel respected, listened to, heard and understood, not judged and safe enough to talk about experiences (past or present) that may be troubling you.

Therapy is not without its challenges though, as at times it may bring up feelings and experiences (past or present) which you may find quite uncomfortable. What I would like to stress is that throughout our work, and in these moments, it would be our therapeutic relationship that would heal. Thus therapy would be a collaboration where I would stand alongside you and your distress, where I would aim to provide a holding environment which understands and respects the importance of addressing your issues at a pace you feel comfortable with. When you feel ready and able to do so.